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Dakar Science Po offers you the opportunity to discover the fields of investigation of political science through a deep appropriation of knowledge related to the state, political regimes, political forces, political participation, elites, policies. public affairs, diplomacy and international relations.

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Are you a student, new graduates? Do you want to focus on Political Science? Seize the opportunity of Dakar Science Po to be among the leaders and decision-makers of tomorrow. Benefit from the excellence or social scholarship at DAKAR SCIENCE PO!

Dakar Science Po is a great school of excellence, training, research/action and advisory support for future and current state decision-makers on issues of political science, in particular diplomacy, international relations, geopolitics, economic intelligence, strategy, security and peace in Africa.

The First Pan-African School of Political Science

Visit us at Dakar Science Po and you will be welcomed into a center of Excellence.

Having at heart the training and qualification of all segments of society, Dakar Science Po will give pride of place to Arabic-speaking pupils and students who will have a preparatory class to integrate more easily the different levels of education provided within the Establishment.

NB: The programs concerning this component will soon be available.

Dakar Science Po