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Dakar Science Po

It is an institute dedicated to the study of political science. Through its program of study and faculty of experts, academics, journalists, senior officials and diplomats, Dakar Science Po is a establishment that will contribute to the advent of a new approach to politics in understanding both what politics is and how to implement it.


Dakar Science Po is a pole of excellence for studies in political science in Senegal and the rest of Africa. It opens wide perspectives in the new knowledge economy.


Dr. Mariam AIDARA
Ph.D. in International Relations and Diplomacy


Why choose Dakar Science Po?

Because of the quality training that is provided, a need and an unavoidable requirement are facing the evolutions of the modern world. Dakar Science Po aims to be the reference and pole of excellence for political science courses, for the understanding and mastery of the main topics of interest to political studies, including organizations, forces, behaviors, elites, and different actors.

This Pan-African Grande Ecole was born on the basis of an observation: Africa, in the field of political knowledge, needs well-trained actors, seasoned researchers, informed analysts and political scientists familiar with the study of political phenomena and able to study the processes that stage the power relations between individuals, groups, especially within the state.

Dakar Science Po is the ongoing training and research of know-how in political science to build quality African expertise in the field.

Opting for Dakar Science Po also means being open to other political experiences taking place around the world.

At Dakar Science Po, not only is African expertise able to take into account the challenges of the continent, but also and above all, an elite kneaded in the know-how, with naturally positive predispositions: that is why, in our selection process , emphasis is placed on the behavioral, analytical skills, and suitability of the applicant in studies in political science.

Being selected to study at Dakar Science Po is not only a privilege, but also an opportunity to discover his talent and all the structures of his personality in perfect correlation with all the trades induced by training and / or arising from political science.

Being a student at Dakar Science Po is also a state of mind focused on positivity and community life. Dakar Science Po is a great school that welcomes multicultural students from different social backgrounds.

To enter Dakar Science Po is to dive into a world where the diversity of opinions and the right to difference, in the strict respect of others, are erected in order in meetings, in communication and in exchanges.

Dakar Science Po aims to contribute to the advent of a new form of governance in Africa, by encouraging good practices in this area, to give back to politics its true value and its titles of nobility in all the continent by proposing positive breaks in alternatives to current practices in almost all our countries.

Dakar Science Po wishes finally to share and promote the idea that politics is the art of governing societies and men, organizations, or institutions by leading them to happiness, prosperity, peace, and security.



Prof Babacar GUEYE 
Full University Professor (agrégé) of Law and Political Science

professeur agrégé

Political science is a fairly recent discipline at the crossroads of law, history of sociology and economics. It has the advantage of being transversal and offers a wide range in terms of training.

Training in political science opens up specializations that meet the requirements of the national and global market: international careers, analysis, and evaluation of public policies, public administration, diplomacy, communication, etc. Vocational training and very general, allows access to positions of responsibility, according to the specialties chosen by the students during their course.

Studies in political science open wide perspectives and offer the possibility of investing plural professions to work in the sectors of international, national, regional and local political governance, in the institutions and international organizations, in diplomacy, the protocol and diplomatic practices, strategy, geopolitics, economic intelligence, research, international law, etc.

The training acquired at Dakar Science Po prepares, moreover, the best students to integrate the Grandes Ecoles both in Africa and in the rest of the World .
Today, there is an urgent need in Africa to understand the object of political science “which is to question the government of human societies to understand not only the political field but also political sociology.

This means that Dakar Science Po is also an opportunity for the qualification and emergence of new types of political actors, researchers and informed analysts, mastering all facets of political science, in particular, political sociology that helps to understand the sphere where the political field and its correlations with other fields of social and societal activities.

Dakar Science Po is also the worship of abnegation, perfection, innovation, and success by and for the acquisition of an expert and versatile knowledge, a know-how finalized for the problematization and the construction of projects, writing, speaking in public, the ambition to form an African expertise able to take into account the challenges of the continent, an elite kneaded with know-how and know-how; therefore, in our selection process, emphasis is placed on systemic behavioralism, analytical skills, and aptitude in scholarly studies and functions through which political science must be implemented. States and Peoples.

Dakar Science Po provides each student with the pedagogical tools necessary for his or her academic development and a conscious and competent faculty concerned with the professional requirements of the discipline.

Dakar science Po is finally a multicultural melting pot, the cement of the future African integration. The conviviality, the respect, and the savoir-vivre together are the vectors on which the values ​​that we will put forward daily are wedged.

In this globalized world, Dakar-Science Po also cultivates team spirit, sharing, and openness to external realities in each of its teaching modules.